Are You Grounded for Overall Well-Being?

Grounding is defined as “a process that helps your physical body to connect to life sustaining earth energies.”1 Feeling grounded is the opposite of being jittery, anxious and stressed out. Grounding is therefore an important aspect of Active Wellness. It is an effective way to help combat stress and pervasive EMFs, to help obtain regenerative sleep and to help maintain an overall equilibrium in daily life.*

The KenkoGround™ is a simple yet effective way to reconnect with Mother Nature. Direct contact with the ground (soil, grass, sand, ocean floor) gives our bodies natural energy, but what happens when we wear shoes all day or spend every minute indoors? The KenkoGround™ helps us make the connection to nature even when we’re working at the computer, sleeping in bed and while exercising or doing yoga.

What is the KenkoGround™? It’s an 18” x 36” feather light tripled layered fabric that is quilted together with silver ions. The 80% nylon and 20% silver fabric is conductive, and technology known as “vacuum sputtering” prolongs and strengthens the conductivity.

Silver is the best conductor of electricity because it contains a higher number of movable atoms; however, silver is more expensive than other materials and not normally used unless required for specialized equipment like satellites or circuit boards.2 At 20%, the KenkoGround™ has an unusually high amount of silver in the fabric, making it an outstanding creation.

Nikken ensures the high efficacy of the KenkoGround™ with exceptional materials, top quality construction and a water-resistant surface layer.

Super easy to use, all you need is a grounded outlet to plug into. You can place the KenkoGround™ under your bare feet, drape it over your shoulders or sleep on it. Direct contact is best, but even a small area of skin is enough for grounding.

Here is some feedback from our test group: “better sleep with no tossing and turning,” “more energy in the morning when it was hard to rise before,” “warmth in my usually cold feet,” “tingling sensation in my toes that go numb,” “feeling less jittery even when I have a lot of caffeine,” “calmness” and many other positive responses.

*For detailed information click here.

The KenkoGround™ is now included in the Energy Pack.