Have a Happy & Prosperous New Year

As I reflect back on 2016, I am heartened by the successful transformation that continues to take place with Nikken. It is not by luck that our company has weathered the many global changes—economic, political and regulatory—since its humble beginnings in 1975. As we move forward into 2017, we will focus on two main aspects of our business:

  • A product line that is unique, wonderful and organic.
  • The direct sales industry‘s simplest compensation plan.

Our product line has evolved over the years, not only to fulfill the needs and preferences of our Nikken Consultants and Customers, but also to reveal the latest developments in organic food science and our own patented DynaFlux® magnetic technology. These include NikkenWellness norganic nutritional supplements, True Elements® Marine Organic Skin Care and products with sleep and magnetic technology.

In 2017, we will continue developing our consumables—they will contain the highest quality organic ingredients and be stripped of anything that may be detrimental to the pursuit of Active Wellness. We will be the standard bearers for Active Wellness and healthy weight management.

Our compensation plan will be even simpler to understand and execute. Our Nikken Consultants will find it easier to reap the rewards of a home-based part-time income with flexible hours, extra cash and a business opportunity that may lead to a second career. Anyone who makes the commitment to retail product and sponsor business builders will succeed as a Nikken entrepreneur.

Choosing Nikken is the smart move to improve health and earn money. I look forward to a prosperous 2017 and wish you all the best in each of the 5 Pillars of Health®.

Kurt H. Fulle                                                                                                                                                       CEO & Chairman of the Board


Earn a $1,000 Bonus at Nikken!

You can earn money at Nikken. Become a Nikken Consultant and you can generate a home-based income either part time or full time. You can earn commission checks in addition to a 20 percent retail profit on sales of Active Wellness products. And, there are cash rewards and bonus incentives.

For example, this December is unlike any other December! Why? Because you are eligible for a one-time cash bonus of $1,000 when you achieve the rank of Silver Consultant with Nikken during this particular month of December.

No matter when you attain the rank of Silver Consultant, you jump into an exciting new world of entrepreneurship where your part-time income can turn into something much more. At the rank of Silver, you begin to maximize the Nikken Compensation Plan. At Silver and all higher ranks, you are eligible to earn the highly rewarding Leadership Bonus that is based on six percent of sales volume on your personal group’s commissionable volume down through two levels of qualified Silver or above Consultants.

You still have a few weeks left to qualify for the $1,000 bonus! If you are already a Senior or Executive, talk to your sponsor or an upline leader, review your game plan and ramp up your efforts to find and sign up new Consultants and Registered Customers!*

*See the Consultant’s Average Income Sheet at http://www.nikken.com/join-nikken