Retail and Sponsor with Social Media

You don’t need an advanced education or be a math whiz to succeed in network marketing. Network marketing success comes from mastering a few things and doing them over and over. This means anyone who has a willingness to learn and follow simple directions has a good chance at achieving success.

At Nikken, we make it as simple as possible so that anyone who is willing to perform two basic behaviors consistently, may make a little money, good money or lots of money—you choose how much you want to commit to in terms of time and effort. Breaking it down to basics, successful network marketing requires the repetition of two basic behaviors:

  1. Retail the products. Retailing is basic sales. When you retail products at Nikken, you get a percentage of the sales price, so you are earning commission.
  2. Sponsor new Customers and Consultants. Sponsoring is how you grow the networking part of network marketing. When you enroll team members who also retail the products, you earn commissions according to our compensation plan on what they purchase and retail. The more people in your group, the more you potentially can earn.

Retailing and sponsoring are what you need to do, but how do you do it over and over again? Once you’ve shared the products and the income opportunity with your friends and family, what next? The truth is, even if you have hundreds of relatives and friends, you need to branch out so you can stay in business and continue building. That’s why social media is so important. It’s the fastest way for you to reach people you’ve never met and make connections. Here’s how it works:

  1. Use social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to share products and opportunity. Post your personal testimonials and those of others. Make your posts short and sweet and remember that a photo is worth a hundred words. Remember to set your posts to “public” so everyone can see them, not just your friends. The whole point is to attract new people.
  2. Check daily for responses and follow up with those who reply or “like” your social media posts. Gather contact information such as email addresses and phone numbers, so you can connect privately.
  3. Enroll those who are interested in consuming products as Registered Customers. Enroll those who are also interested in the income opportunity as Consultants and explain how to retail and sponsor. Tell them to repeat these two behaviors so they’ll have a growing Nikken business.

For those who have already made a purchase and/or enrolled with you, follow up and see how they’re doing. Remind new Nikken Customers to re-order or sign up for Autoship. Consultants also need reminders and it’s your job as their sponsor to remind them to duplicate your efforts. Retail and Sponsor. Follow up. Repeat. Duplicate.