Adapting to Change is Good Business Practice

Nikken is a company that has adapted to change for more than 45 years. And we continue to do so not only because we want to but because we have to.

  • We want to when we develop improved products and formulas.
  • We want to when we come up with easier and more proficient ways to conduct business.
  • We have to because there are multiple governing agencies that legislate what can and cannot be said in the operation of a business. That is what compliance in advertising and marketing is about.

To ensure the longevity of our company, we not only comply with governing agencies but we actually take every precaution to avoid their scrutiny and suspicion.

Last month we informed our Nikken Consultants that we would be making changes to our website by removing references to far-infrared and negative-ion technologies as well as our trademark, TriPhase. Of the technologies that make up TriPhase, we are still referencing magnetic technology.

As a company, we are well aware that we have referred to these technologies for as long as we have had products that utilize them. We are aware that there are people who are resistant to change; however, there was no way of knowing that in 2017, references to far-infrared and negative-ion technologies would be considered health claims by the governing agencies. Our response is to comply with the law.

Let’s be clear what compliance means with regard to the deletion of the three terms:

  • None of our Nikken products have changed. Technologies have not been removed from any of our products.
  • Because we work closely with our attorneys and have been asked not to reference those terms, we have diligently removed those words from our websites and any reference materials.
  • The ceramic fibers and other ceramic materials in our products work exactly the same way they always have. We are still allowed to reference our ceramic fibers/materials and our shopping cart content reflects that usage. We urge our Consultants to mirror the newly revised content in order to be compliant.

The entire Nikken corporate team works for our Consultants and Registered Customers and we work because of you. You are our purpose. At Nikken, we are confident that you will understand that we comply with rules and regulations for your benefit. Active Wellness extends to corporate health.